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You know what you eat determines how you look, feel and perform. You know diet is everything. But you also know prepping food is a pain in the glutes.

You're constantly shopping, measuring, cooking and portioning. Even if you're efficient, a week's worth of meal prep can still eat up an entire afternoon.

And you've got better things to do, right? So let us deal with the fuel, while you take care of the machine.


Build your own meals to
your specific macros.

Receive fresh and tasty dishes
delivered to your door.

Enjoy the clean food your
body will thank you for.

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No subscriptions, just convenience.

How it works: You Order. We Prep and Deliver.

Just follow these 3 simple steps:


Choose set meals
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  • Fuel-Up delivers the right amount of nutrients and calories, to train two, sometimes three times per day and make sure I'm fight ready – all the time!

    Milano Nahar

    Professional Fighter, @milanonahar
  • Fuel-Up keeps it simple – tastes great, saves me time and I can customize my food plan for my goals!

    Alex Douhanynets

    Personal Trainer, @alex_pro_fit
  • I don't have much time between coaching athletes and training myself – Fuel-Up provides simple, delicious food that gives me the energy to keep going all day long.

    Benjey Zimmerman

    MMA Coach, @strikingbenjeymma
  • With Fuel-Up I spend less time in the kitchen and more time on training and chasing my dreams. Great quality food and amazing taste too!

    Lauren Stallwood

    Cross Fit Coach, @lozstallwood2
  • Fuel-Up has changed my life, I never have to worry about eating out or bad, since I always have Fuel-Up on hand. I recommend Fuel-Up to all my professional athletes and that's a compliment in itself!

    Tam Khan

    TK MMA Fitness Owner, @tam_khan
  • Since I started Fuel-Up my performance in the gym has definitely improved, as my diet is more consistent. I can customize my calories and macronutrients, exactly to suit my goals, allowing me to focus on those gains and spend less time prepping food!

    Karina Frelich

    Personal Trainer, @karina_frelich_dxb
  • Fuel-Up gets me in the perfect shape for battle and gives me the fuel to go beast mode in the gym and in the cage!

    Mohammad Yahya

    Professional MMA Fighter with Bellator, @yahyamma
  • Cooking used to be so time consuming, but since Fuel-Up I save myself so much time and it makes my life so easy. I'm now able to wake up a little later too! I am never tempted to go off track and am reaching my goals so much quicker.

    Sophie Hollingdale

    Personal Trainer, @sophiehollfit
  • Fuel-Up gives me the fuel I need to perform at my best, so I can focus on my training and worry less about cooking! It’s the peace of mind to know my body is fueled by the BEST!

    Justen Pelser

    Personal Trainer, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, @justenp12_wbffpro
  • I am super satisfied with all my meals from Fuel-Up. Being a personal trainer, I’m limited on time! Using Fuel-Up allows me to fit-in all my necessary meals with my daily schedule of clients and at the same time provides me the right nutrition I need to compete on highest level of fitness internationally.

    Marian Babinsky

    Personal Trainer and Physique Competitor, @marianbabinsky
  • Fuel-Up has been HANDS DOWN my go to option when it comes to meal prep! Fuel-Up provides fully customizable options, consistent quality and delivery always on time.

    Mo Ismail

    Physique Competitor, @momuscles

It's time to Fuel-Up!

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"Never worry about an empty fridge again"

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