5 Road Trip Snacks to Keep You Going

 September 8, 2020|  Lauren

Cooler weather is on the horizon and for many that means camping trips, staycations and long road trips. So what makes it on to your essential packing list? Aside from the perfect road trip playlist, plenty of suncream and your best shades of course.


While on the road the quality of fuel options tend to be pretty lacking, unless you want to chow down on sugary rubbish and a boat-load of bread. Your chances of being able to find a decent restaurant to chow down at is pretty slim too. So, it’s important to take along plenty of smart foods that can fuel your body and feed your muscles.

So what do you pack? Well, we’ve got you covered with seven quality fuel options that are portable and loaded with nutrition.

Hardboiled Eggs

With each whole egg you get 7 grams of quality protein, plus vitamins E and D and choline, among other nutrients. Plus, they are convenient, tasty, and low cost – plus, they fill you up. Just make sure you’ve got a quality cooler to keep those bad boys fresh.


Portable, filling, and loaded with the good stuff (we’re talking 6 grams of plant-based protein per serving to help fuel your body with essential amino acids and provide healthy fat). What’s more, pistachios are a good source of fibre.

As one of the lowest calorie, lowest fat nuts, pistachios give you more nuts per serving than most—about 49 pistachios—so you get a solid serving compared to many other nuts.

Fuel Up Protein Bites

A little but naughty and a lot bit nice the Fuel Up range of protein bites are packed with snackable goodness to keep you going for the long haul. With flavours like Peanut Butter & Jelly (for those nostalgic moments), Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream and more. Stock up and curb those sweet cravings with something good for your body.

Beef Jerky

Jerky should be at the top of any list of road fuels. It’s portable, durable, and pretty much pure protein – in fact, a single serving provides about 15 grams of complete protein, which is a great snack option to keep those muscles flooded with the amino acids they need.

Carrots And Hummus

You want veggies that are durable and aren’t going to get squished in the cooler. Carrots fit the bill, but snap peas, celery, and cauliflower all work great, too. The hummus gives you a little extra protein and fibre so snack time can last you longer. Considering that the primary ingredient in hummus is usually chickpeas (or some other type of beans), it’s a great source of fibre and other quality nutrition and it’s easy to pick up in any supermarket before you hit the road.

So tell us, what’s your favourite way to snack while travelling? Hit us up on Insta with your tips and tricks. @fueluplife

 September 8, 2020 | Lauren

About the Author

Lauren Jacobsen is the Director of Nutrition for Kcal Brands and the Head of Fuel Up. Lauren has over 15 years of experience in nutrition and supplementation focused on physique athlete development. Lauren is also a former IFBB competitive figure athlete, and long time contributor to fitness magazines worldwide.

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