How To Meal Plan & Hit Your Goals

 August 2, 2023|  Aya Chawa

Starting a fitness journey can be both thrilling and demanding. While discipline in exercising is essential, it is also important to meal prep. As proper nutrition is key to reaching your fitness goals, whether it be gaining muscle mass, losing fat, or simply enhancing your health. Meal planning is important to reach them.

Start by calculating your daily caloric needs that match your fitness goal. Understanding your daily requirements is the first step to properly plan your meals. Keep in mind that a caloric deficit can lead to weight loss, while a caloric surplus will result in weight gain. After that, include variety in your meals to ensure you are getting all the essential vitamins, minerals, micro and macronutrients. To make sure you are doing so ask yourself, is there a rainbow? The more colours you include, the better.  Plan your meals ahead and set a time to shop, prepare, and pack your meals while being mindful of portions.

If your busy schedule does not allow you to do so, you can always subscribe to a healthy meal plan with Fuel-Up. Your journey starts with a weigh in with our nutritionist where you can analyse your body composition and understand your needs. Then the nutritionist would build your meal plan and ensure it aligns with your fitness goals, considering your food preferences. Upon starting the plan, all you need to do is enjoy the food and go along with your day.

A strong tool with huge influence on your fitness journey is meal planning. You’ll be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals by following a balanced diet and staying consistent. Remember to stay hydrated and committed!

 August 2, 2023 | Aya Chawa
Aya Chawa

About the Author

Aya joined Kcal in 2021, where she has been dedicatedly assisting Clients in optimising their performance through proper nutrition. As a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Fitness Coach, she understands the importance of an active lifestyle in conjunction with a balanced and nutritious diet, both crucial for weight management and disease prevention. Aya obtained her bachelor’s degree in nutrition & Dietetics from Lebanese American University in Beirut, where she also minored in Food Science. During her academic journey, her passion for nutrition led her to work as a dietetic intern in Beirut. She firmly believes in the power of a holistic approach when it comes to wellness. By addressing the individual needs of each client, she tailors meal plans that not only enhance performance but also promote overall health and well-being.

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