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What is Fuel Up by Kcal?

 October 14, 2022|  Caroline Kolanjian

Stuck in Dubai’s fast life pace? Eager to have a healthy lifestyle which improves both your body and mental health? Barely have time to exercise, cook, or order your meals?

Healthy lifestyle changes do not come by only committing to the right exercise routine but also by coupling this routine with the right, healthy and customised meal plan that helps you reach your desired goal and maintain it.

Fuel Up by Kcal is here to make your life easier. Whether you are a dedicated athlete, or just a person who is committed to a certain activity routine to reach a specific goal, Fuel Up meal prep is your easy way to eat clean consistently.

Fuel up is a fully customisable meal prep where clients can choose, macro accurate, calorie accurate and portion accurate meals. Sometimes in the process of the physical transformation, personal trainers assist and advice what and how to eat, that’s where FU meal preps excel. There is a wide range of high-quality meals to keep the variety flowing to the clients, so they are more consistent with the plan and hence reach their goal faster.

Calories can be customised from as low as 300 calories per dish to as high as 5000 calories per day; and the client has the flexibility to choose everything from the protein, carbs, vegetable side, and even the sauce. If you are looking for a macro accurate plan rather than calories, Fuel Up has you covered also.

There are two different ways to create your plan, if you are someone who likes to explore and customise on your own, you can do so by simply visiting the Fuel Up website and ordering Fuel in terms of single orders. There are other options available as well like weekly and monthly orders, where the meals will be pre-set by the nutritionist. Most meals set will have high protein, as this is aligned with the brand’s DNA. That’s why even the breakfast and snacks are high in protein.

Another way in which you can order your meals is through the Fuel Up wellness advisors, which will closely follow up on your requirements and customise your meal plan in the best suitable way. Prices are flexible based on the meals chosen, that way people with different budgets can subscribe.

Do not hesitate to start your new hassle-free journey with Fuel Up, where your healthy meals come to your doorstep. They come either in a chiller bag (if your delivery was 10days+ and costs more than 1000aed) or in a Styrofoam box if they were less. All meals have instructions on them from macros, to calories, and re-heating method. What more could you ask for 😊!

 October 14, 2022 | Caroline Kolanjian
Caroline Kolanjian

About the Author

A graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Lebanese American University (LAU) with a minor in psychology, Caroline’s career as a nutritionist has taken her places. She’s worked on dietary projects for some of the biggest and most influential humanitarian organisations in the world, including UNICEF and the Makhzoumi Foundation. Caroline has also worked at the LAUMC-Rizk Hospital in Lebanon, conducting numerous influential workshops around nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Offering unrivalled advice when it comes to weight loss and helping you achieve your health and wellness goals in a consistent manner, Caroline is currently consulting at the Kcal HQ Nutrition Centre in JLT, Dubai.

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