5 Hacks For A Lean Bulk

 May 13, 2024|  Dona Maria

Lean bulking is the more efficient way to build muscle mass without gaining fat. It may take a little longer but it avoids the unhealthy, aggressive bulking and cutting cycles of “dirty bulking.”

The following are hacks that aid in a lean bulk:

1. Eat in a Calorie Surplus But Avoid Excess Fat

Eating healthy calories to create a surplus

When your caloric surplus is too high and contains too much fats and carbohydrates then you would gain body fat. To maintain a lean bulk, you’ll need to eat a calorie surplus that consists of higher protein and whole grains with minimal fats. Aim for 20% of your intake coming from good fats.

2. Add Nuts and Nut Butters To Your Diet

Adding peanut butter to your diet

Nuts are a great caloric-dense food that is also full of protein. Adding nut butter to your usual snacks can add up your protein and calories. For instance, you can have peanut butter on a sliced apple, peanut butter on toast or cashew butter on a bagel. Moreover, nuts are an unbeatable way to add on calories while bulking without having to indulge in a big meal.

3. Consume Protein With Every Meal

Adding protein to every meal and snack

Protein is the main nutrient for building muscle mass and helps in muscle build-up and recovery. Therefore, add protein sources with every meal and aim for 1.5 to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight.

4. Smart Carb Timing To Maximise Your Workouts

Eating carbs at the right time to boost your workout

The more effective the workout the better your muscle growth. Pre-workout, opt for vegetables and starchy carbs that offer a slow release of energy. However, post-workout, aim to consume higher glycaemic index carbohydrates to restore your glycogen loss.

5. Get Plenty Of Rest

man getting plenty of sleep and rest

Resting is a major necessity for muscle growth. Overtraining causes catabolism which prevents muscle growth. Don’t be afraid to reduce the volume of your workout. Training 3 to 4 times per week is enough for muscle growth alongside eating well and performing compound lifts.

Lastly, keep your expectations reasonable and aim to gain mass without accumulating fat. Moreover, keep in mind that lean bulk is tougher than fat build-up but ultimately yields better results.

 May 13, 2024 | Dona Maria
Dona Maria

About the Author

Dona Maria Mesmar is the Nutrition Manager for Kcal Brands. She develops nutrition and diet programs for athletes and provides them with one on one nutrition consultation to help them achieve their body composition goals. She is also a certified fitness instructor, published nutrition writer and has appeared numerous times on national live TV, where she has provided expert advice on nutrition and healthy eating.

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