How Running Relieves Stress

 March 5, 2020|  Lauren

When it’s been a long, tough week, sometimes you just need a break but finding a good release from the pressure can be difficult…that’s where running comes in.

Running is often known for being the sport of choice when people just need to escape or even let off a little steam. That’s because as a solo activity it really gives you time to think, breathe and recover from whatever stress is getting to you. You can go at your own pace or push your limits. Either way you’re in control.

The joy is in the simplicity of running, there’s nothing complicated about it, there’s no fancy equipment needed, it’s just a run.

And there are different ways to use running to your advantage.

When you just go for an easy run, it can be an opportunity to process your emotions and think through whatever you’re dealing with. When it comes to more high intensity sessions, it’s a chance to really get to grips with your body and breathing and practice positive self-talk. It’s a chance to really to zone out and solely focus on what you want to achieve.

If you’re new to running then start short and slow, don’t try to run a marathon straight out of the gate. Building gradually is crucial to preventing injury, after all, you can reap the mental health benefits of running no matter what speed you’re going!

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve rounded up a few ways running can help to bring some much-needed stress relief into your life.


We could all use a little more “me time”. We’re all rushing through life 100 miles an hour and never really stop to give our brains a rest. Running is a great go-to whether you’re looking for a calming escape when you need to zone out or decompress from the stresses.


It’s scientifically proven that when you do any form of exercise you increase your heart rate and stimulate those endorphins. (Stress can also boost them but you’re better off running instead).


An early morning run can often be the best feeling in the world . It’s just gotten a little light out, it’s quiet, the world hasn’t quite woken up and the stress of the day hasn’t hit you yet. Take the opportunity to help you set your positive intention for the day and get your started on the right foot.

Remember, if you know you’ve got a stressful day ahead, an early morning run can make you feel like you’ve already done something really productive, both physically and mentally.


Stress can really affect your mental and physical health. By getting yourself into a good running routine you can find structure and have something to look forward to during times of change.

So if you’re one of the hundreds of people who feel like they don’t have enough time in the day to work out then consider this: running is super accessible and relatively time efficient; all you need is a pair of trainers, and you’re out the door. Then before you know it you’re done, you feel better and you got the blood pumping.

Give it a go and let us know how a good run makes you feel!

 March 5, 2020 | Lauren

About the Author

Lauren Jacobsen is the Director of Nutrition for Kcal Brands and the Head of Fuel Up. Lauren has over 15 years of experience in nutrition and supplementation focused on physique athlete development. Lauren is also a former IFBB competitive figure athlete, and long time contributor to fitness magazines worldwide.

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