How to Support Your Immune System

 March 30, 2021|  Dona Maria

There seems to be just one thing everyone is talking about at the moment: Covid-19. It has given new meaning to “going viral” and even with the vaccine now available and the cases slowly going down across the globe you still need to make sure you’re keeping your immune system in tip top shape.
It goes without saying that it is paramount to follow the government guidelines to keep ourselves safe.
As with any infection, our bodies have an army of immune cells ready to fight any invaders. Our immune response is an incredible, but also complex system – that can be easily affected by some of our day-to-day habits. While there is no magic pill or solution to ‘boost’ your immune system but there are some simple steps you can take to help support your immune response – giving your immune system the best chance to fight any infection quickly and effectively.

Get Some Sleep

A lack of sleep can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. It can also affect how quickly you recover if you do get sick, as our white blood cells become less effective when we are sleep deprived.
Here are some simple tips to improve sleep quality:

  • • Ditch the devices before bed
  • • Avoid caffeine after mid-afternoon
  • • Give yourself time to unwind from the day before hitting the hay.

A clear mind not only can help you drift off into dream land quicker, but also helps you reach the deep phase of sleep which is where the most restorative sleep happens.

Get Moving

Just like a healthy diet, exercise contributes to good health, and subsequently a healthy immune system. Exercise promotes good circulation which allows immune cells to move through your bloodstream and do their job more efficiently, meaning more effective scanning and action to deal with disease-causing bugs.

Get Some Vitamin D

Generally, a lot of emphasis is put on Vitamin C and it’s role in immune function but it’s important to not forget Vitamin D. It plays an essential role in supporting healthy bones and supports our immune system – specifically, the immune response to viral infections.
Make sure you include vitamin D rich food sources within your diet. These include oily fish, eggs and fortified cereals can help to increase vitamin D levels.

Reduce Your Stress

Easier said than done, we know, but persistent stress and the subsequent release of stress hormones in our blood stream can damp down our immune system’s ability to respond effectively to infections.
Don’t forget to keep doing the things that bring you joy, and remember to take a mindful moment or two during a busy day.

Consider Your Supplements

Lots of dietary supplements claim to have immune boosting properties but it’s important to remember that most of us can meet our RDA nutrient needs with a varied, balanced diet. So, when it comes to supplements, you could be wasting your money if expensive products make extravagant claims.

Get Your Diet On Track

Your immune system needs strength to fight and that comes from food. So, the best and most effective way to fuel a healthy immune system is by eating an abundant variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to give your body a range of phytonutrients and micronutrients to improve its defences.

So focus on making healthy lifestyle choices and fuelling your body with good, clean meals like those from Fuel-Up. They will help you to keep your immune system tip-top and aid your recovery if you do get sick.

 March 30, 2021 | Dona Maria
Dona Maria

About the Author

Dona Maria Mesmar is the Nutrition Manager for Kcal Brands. She develops nutrition and diet programs for athletes and provides them with one on one nutrition consultation to help them achieve their body composition goals. She is also a certified fitness instructor, published nutrition writer and has appeared numerous times on national live TV, where she has provided expert advice on nutrition and healthy eating.

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