Should You Workout on An Empty Stomach?

 August 1, 2021|  Dona Maria

To eat or not to eat before working out? Some people believe that working out first thing in the morning before eating breakfast, may help you lose weight and burn fat, while others argue that eating before working out may give you energy and also improve your performance and help you achieve your goals. There are certainly pros and cons to each approach, here are some benefits and risks of working out on an empty stomach.

Pros Of Working Out On An Empty Stomach

Exercising on empty stomach is known as fasted cardio. The theory behind it is that your body doesn’t have fuel or calories from a recent meal or pre-workout snack, which will force it to rely on stored glycogen and fat, leading to higher levels of fat loss.

Cons Of Working Out On An Empty Stomach

While there are some studies supporting work out on empty stomach, it is not necessarily ideal. When you exercise on empty stomach you may have low blood sugar levels which may leave you feeling dizzy, nauseous and shaky. This may also affect your performance and lead your body to use protein as fuel, which is essential to build and repair muscles, you may also start losing muscle mass which will slow down your metabolism. Finally, when you regularly workout on empty stomach, your body will adjust and start storing more fat than usual to maintain his fat reserves.


For best results, you should eat before and after your workout. Some nutrients such as protein and carbs can help your body recover after exercise. Eat whole and natural food, include healthy carbs such as fruits and veggies whole grains and legumes, choose healthy fats, and get protein from lean meats and eggs.
If you decide to eat before workout, choose an easily digestible meal containing carbohydrates and protein such as energy bars, peanut butter sandwich, etc.

Finally, always listen to your body and do what feels best for you. Stay properly hydrated, maintain a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

 August 1, 2021 | Dona Maria
Dona Maria

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Dona Maria Mesmar is the Nutrition Manager for Kcal Brands. She develops nutrition and diet programs for athletes and provides them with one on one nutrition consultation to help them achieve their body composition goals. She is also a certified fitness instructor, published nutrition writer and has appeared numerous times on national live TV, where she has provided expert advice on nutrition and healthy eating.

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