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 February 2, 2021|  Dona Maria

Do you ever find yourself in this situation? You’ve just come home and it’s late. You are too tired to cook but know that you need some nutrition. You immediately think of something healthy but that would be too much work. So, you call for delivery or have a bowl of cereal instead.
It’s a well documented fact that the benefits of meal prepping stretch far beyond getting home late from work. It can provide major benefits to your health, your relationships and even your wallet – plus, it makes achieving those physique goals that much easier.

We’ve rounded up ten of the thousands of reasons you should be prepping on the regular.

1. Portion Control
If you’ve got goals, you need control. By dividing your meals up into containers you’re less tempted to go in for another helping and you’ll quickly learn how much you actually need to feel full.

2. Pockets full of Cash
Planning your meals helps you avoid impulse buying, ordering and eating out. Buying in bulk is also a great way to save a few Dirhams on your groceries.

3. No Nasty Surprises
When you prepare everything that goes into your body, there aren’t many surprises, you know exactly what you’re eating every day.
This is one of the reasons we take transparency so seriously – not prepping at home? Fuel-Up’s meals are all made from whole foods with no added preservatives. Everything is measured and cooked to provide macro-accurate meals you can trust.

4. Become a Chef in Your Own Kitchen
Start with simple recipes and work your way up, it’s easier to become more comfortable in the kitchen when you don’t over complicate life. Choose easy recipes that can easily be made in bulk – no one expects you to be a Michelin Stared Chef.

5. Speed Up Your Transformation
80% of your physique goals can be achieved by eating the right nutrition. Everyone knows that you can’t out train a bad diet so why try? Prepping means you’re guaranteed a healthy meal all day, every day.
Need help with nutrition? Get in touch and one of our experts can help you perfect your meal plan to achieve your goals.

6. More Time For You Time
Rather than spending an hour in the kitchen every night, then having to tidy away and wash dishes, wouldn’t life be better if you could reach into the fridge and pull out a meal, ready to heat and eat?! That’s the joy of meal prep.

7. Learn More, Be Better
You will learn more about food in general — which foods are best for different things, what lasts the longest, etc. It’s all about education and figuring out what works for you.

8. Avoid Temptation
When you’ve had a long day, you won’t have to worry about what to cook because it will already be in the fridge waiting for you. Say goodbye to “I can’t be bothered” delivery orders and feeling bloated because you over indulged in a last minute takeaway.

9. Inspire Others
It has always been our goal to make the world healthier and fitter, so we know that when friends, family and coworkers see your commitment to a healthier lifestyle, chances are, you will inspire at least one person to make a healthy change in their life.

10. Reduced Food Waste
Meal prepping teaches you to make a list and use all of its ingredients. Using everything you buy will help you avoid throwing away spoiled food. Good for you, good for the environment.

Bonus: Meal Prepping is Even Easier with Fuel-Up!
Make things even easier by building your prep online and let our professional chefs take care of the slicing, dicing, marinating and cooking. With Fuel-Up monthly meal prep packages you can get fresh meals delivered to your door every day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can focus on the important stuff – hitting the gym.

 February 2, 2021 | Dona Maria
Dona Maria

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Dona Maria Mesmar is the Nutrition Manager for Kcal Brands. She develops nutrition and diet programs for athletes and provides them with one on one nutrition consultation to help them achieve their body composition goals. She is also a certified fitness instructor, published nutrition writer and has appeared numerous times on national live TV, where she has provided expert advice on nutrition and healthy eating.

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