It’s Okay to be Angry

 April 7, 2020|  Lauren

You may have found yourself feeling angrier or more frustrated as the coronavirus lockdown reality begins to settle in and you’re not alone. A lot of people are feeling angry at the moment and they’re not quite sure why.

There is, after all, a lot be be angry about. The response of world governments, being stuck in self-quarantine, people not following the rules. Job losses, gym closures, grocery store madness; we could go on…

But how much anger is too much anger? And is there anything you can do to feel better about the whole situation?
Let’s start with the why. The way you live your life has been dramatically changed and you have control over how which leaves us open to negative feelings like anger. The pandemic isn’t like getting frustrated at work, if you get annoyed at work you can always blame your boss, but when you’re stuck in quarantine who or what you can blame can vary wildly.

You might be angry at your neighbour because they’re out and not obeying quarantine, or the person who took the last bit of toilet paper at the grocery store, but in reality you’re probably just trying to make sense of this situation as it develops and trying to take back some sort of control.

Before you start worrying that you’re loosing it, just remember, it is it normal to feel this way and you’re not the only one. As a society we have never gone through anything like this. We’ve seen disasters, wars, and terrorist attacks but nothing like all of this.

That being said, your anger needs an outlet. Don’t bottle it up, that’s when you’re more likely to lash out at others or do something else destructive, find a way to use it for something productive.
Here are some tips for dealing with any feelings of anger:

1. Take care of yourself.

Eat well. Limit your alcohol intake. Exercise regularly. Turn off the news. Meditate, if that’s something that helps you. Set up a Zoom call with friends or family. Read a book. Find things to do at home that make you happy and bring you peace.

2. Do what you can.

Finding things that are within your control will help calm your mind. If you’re worried about your finances, then engage in productive actions to address that worry. Work out a budget that works. Call your bank to discuss payment options. Do the same for your utility companies.

3. Share your feelings.

Talk to a real person, your partner, friend, co-worker. Talking things out can often help you better identify the root cause of the problem and break down everything you’re feeling.

4. Do not turn to social media to vent.

You don’t want to be one of those people. You’re going to get someone that disagrees with you and end up in an argument with your dad’s second cousin who lives in on the other side of the world and you won’t feel any better for it.

There’s still more of this ahead of us and no one really knows how to deal with it, so just remember, you’re never in this alone. Stay home, let us bring you your meal prep to you. Follow our Instagram for home workout times and jump into our DMs if you’ve got any questions or you just want to chat.

 April 7, 2020 | Lauren

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Lauren Jacobsen is the Director of Nutrition for Kcal Brands and the Head of Fuel Up. Lauren has over 15 years of experience in nutrition and supplementation focused on physique athlete development. Lauren is also a former IFBB competitive figure athlete, and long time contributor to fitness magazines worldwide.

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